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How do I...?: How do I find articles?

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Can't find the article you are looking for?

Request the material through Interlibrary Loan.  This service is only for law students and law faculty.

What is an article citation?

A citation to an article includes author, article title, journal title, volume number, page where the article begins and date information.  You need to distinguish between the article title and the journal title because some databases you search using the article title and other databases you must use the journal title.

Here is an example of a citation:

Wilson Huhn, The Use and Limits of Syllogistic Reasoning in Briefing Cases, 42 Santa Clara L. Rev. 813 (2002).

Author = Wilson Huhn
Title of the article = Use and Limits of Syllogistic Reasoning in Briefing Cases
Volume number = 42
Title of the journal = Santa Clara Law Review
Page where article begins = 813
Year = 2002     


How do I find articles if I have a citation?

For citations to legal journals, search by article title in:

For citations to non-legal journals, search by journal title starting in:

After searching by journal title in the Library Catalog, follow the GO icon  for online issues of a journal.

For print copies of a journal, note the location of the periodical. Proceed to that library to find your article.  Journals must be used in the library and cannot be checked out.

What if you cannot find your journal in the UA Libraries Catalog?

Step 1.  First search in the UA Libraries Catalog and the A-to-Z Resources list by journal title to verify that the material is not available at any libraries associated with the University of Akron, then while viewing your search results…

Step 2.  Request through OhioLINK: click on the Search OhioLINK button to try the same search in OhioLINK. The OhioLINK catalog includes materials owned by academic libraries in Ohio.  If your journal is owned by an OhioLINK library that is willing to lend it, click the request button to have the journal volume sent to the Law Library. 

Step 3.  Request through SearchOhio: if the journal is not available through OhioLINK, click the SearchOhio button at the top of the page to request the journal from participating Ohio public libraries.  

Step 4.  Request through Interlibrary Loan: if the journal you need is not available through OhioLINK or SearchOhio, then you can request the article from out-of-state using Interlibrary Loan.  The Interlibrary Loan Request Form is for University of Akron law faculty and students.  The first time you use this service, click on First Time Users and then follow the instructions for setting up an account on ILLiad (the online interlibrary form service).


How do I find an article if I have a legal topic?

How do I find an article if I have a non-legal topic?

Sometimes law students need to conduct interdisciplinary research on topics that overlap with law.   The University Libraries web site is a good place to begin.  Many of these databases provide full text articles on many subjects outside of law.