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Faculty Services: Faculty Liaisons

Faculty Liaison Program

The Library's Faculty Liaison Program was developed in order to allow faculty members to receive personal assistance that makes it easier for them to conduct research and navigate the library's services.

The librarian-liaison will meet with their assigned faculty member to discuss:

  • research needs
  • circulation of library materials
  • placing items on reserve
  • new materials requests
  • setting up a tour of the library
  • navigating our online catalog
  • special request for materials
  • Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw training needs
  • database services limited to law faculty
  • Brightspace training and other training available on campus
To locate the name of your Faculty Liaison Librarian, please check the Faculty Liason List on the right.


Faculty Liaison List

Sue Altmeyer Emily Janoski-Haehlen Kyle Passmore Sarah Starnes Annette Souare
Daniel Brean Sarah Cravens Kristen Barnes   Martin Belsky Emeritus Faculty
Willa Gibson Christopher Crull Richard Cohen Alecia Bencze  
Elizabeth Knowles Carolyn Dessin Emma Franklin Marchelle Bobbs  
Richard Lavoie Patrick Gaughan Misty Franklin Dana Cole  
Brant Lee Ryan Holte Camilla Hrdy Lia Evans-Jones  
Alisa Benedict O'Brien CJ Peters Jo Ann Sahl Bernadette Genetin  
Jack Sahl Nancy Reeves Elizabeth Shaver Nolan James  
Gary Spring   Rick Strong Alan Newman  
      Stefan Padfield  
      Tracy Thomas