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Legal Research Databases: Bloomberg Law

Lexis, Westlaw Edge, Bloomberg Law and Casemaker

Connecting to Bloomberg

Need Help?

Bloomberg help desk is available 24/7.


Live Chat - Once in Bloomberg Law, click HELP in the upper right.

Natural Language and Terms and Connectors on Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law recognizes terms and connectors AND natural language.  As the default, Bloomberg Law interprets the search statement as natural language.  It will interpret the search statement as terms and connectors if:

  • AND or OR or NOT is used in capital letters.
  • Other search operators are used, such as "", S/, P/, N/x.  However, /s, /p etc. work just as well in Bloomberg Law.


Bloomberg Password Restrictions


The Bloomberg Law database for law students does not have an "academic use only" restriction.  Law students can use Bloomberg Law to conduct research for internships, employment, and for schoolwork.

  • Graduating Students:  unlimited, unrestricted access for 6 mos. after graduation. For 2020 graduates, extended access through June 1, 2021.
  • Continuing Students:  unlimited, unrestricted access over the summer.
  • Note: access is automatic for both grads & continuing students, no need to do anything else!