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Zip Cards and Borrower Barcode Number

What is my library bar code number?
Your barcode is the number that was assigned to you when you first enrolled or began employment @ UA. The number appears on the back of your Zip Card or library borrower's card. It is also referred to on campus as your university ID #, student ID # or Empl ID #.

For UA faculty, staff, and students, your barcode is either your university ID # by itself (xxxxxxx) or in combination with enough zeros to make a 15 digit number (00000000xxxxxxx). For community borrowers, the barcode is the entire 15 digit number on the back of your white borrower's card (210029xxxxxxxxx).

If you do not know your barcode and/or do not have a Zip Card, please contact the Zip Card Office @ (330) 972-5637 for more information.